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Mayweather Claims There Will Never Be A Better Fighter

Floyd Mayweather is well known for his outspokenness. He is recently quoted as saying - " There will never be a better fighter than me, ever!" on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game Show. Where he goes off about any fighter being compared to him. Maybe he's compensating for not making Manny Pacquiao's Mount Rushmore boxer list.

Floyd makes one hell of an argument though. He's undefeated professionally. He's the best pound for pound ranked boxer in history. He's got the best number on the scorecards of any boxer in history. He may not always give us the crazy knockouts blood thirsty fight fans crave because he fights defensively and mainly for points without taking huge risks. Regardless, Mayweather is a dominant force in boxing.

I think everyone knows this though, it's not like there's anybody out there trying to say Mayweather isn't one of the best. (Okay maybe there are some crackheads out there.) But is Floyd really as good as he says or is it just ego?

What do you think? Is Floyd really the GOAT? Will there be a better boxer than him? I think it's a bold claim to say stuff like that but, as of now he is the best per scorecards. Id still pay to watch Mike Tyson fighter over Mayweather any day, but that's just me.


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