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Mayweather is still on everyone's wish list.

Floyd Mayweather slammed by buddy Adrien Broner for not agreeing to a 200 million dollar exhibition bout. Broner is mad Floyd declined the offer and is fighting MMA star Mikuru Asakura instead in september. Broner said in an interview he would of split the 200 million in half with Floyd and that way both would never have to fight again. He also said that maybe Floyd is afraid to lose against him. Im sure this chapter isnt over just yet. Mayweather has made over 100 million per fight before, once with Manny Pacquiao and later with Conner Mcgregor. So he is not new to those purses, this goes to proove that Floyd "Money" Mayweather is still PPV king and is still on everyone's wish list to have a good payday.


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