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Mentor Of The Week : Anderson Silva

"I don't think I'm better than anyone. I just like to prove to myself that things I imagine can be done." - Anderson Silva

Much can be learned from Silva. If you want to be an elite martial artist. Look no further. The man dominated mixed martial arts in the 2000's and 2010's. You would be watching him beat people up regularly across multiple promotions.

Silva has a lot of respect for Bruce Lee and Wings Chun. Which he felt like Tito disrespected before their fight. You can imagine how Tito feels after saying that and getting knocked out so quickly - "Anderson is gonna try to do his Bruce Lee bullsh*t. I'm here to fight."

Well Tito maybe you should have done some more Bruce Lee BS if you want to fight. Learn a thing or two from Fight.TV's mentor of the week. Don't try to be better than the man next to you, try to be better than yourself yesterday. Challenge yourself, not others.

The Spider is a stand up class act athlete. It's really cool getting to see him compete again. The dude is resilient and doesn't give up. Just like his last minute triangle choke win over Chael Sonnen. Study, imagine, be great!


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