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Mexican Fight Culture

Fight culture exists around the world but what makes it unique is always the community behind it. Mexico is no stranger to fight culture, holding the second place for countries with most professional champion boxers. I've got friends who compete and competed in the past, I'm consistently told that if you want to fight in Mexico, you better be aware of what you're in for. The Mexican style of boxing known for its ferocious offense, attracts combat athletes from all over the world. The best fighters on the planet travel to Mexico to learn their style of boxing, just like people travel to Thailand for Muay Thai.

While Soccer is Mexico's biggest sport, Boxing comes in at number two. Many boxers there play soccer too, which significantly helps their footwork, dexterity, and conditioning. Julio Chavez, Juan Marquez, Oscar De La Hoya, and Andy Ruiz jr are just some of the current and prior greatest fighters in the world who come from Mexico. When you see these boxers come out, you see a lot of their flag colors and embodiment of their proud heritage. Mexican boxers are as elite as they come, they prove it every fight too!

So if you're an up n coming boxer or fighter who wants to work on their boxing. You need to visit some camps in Mexico. Romanza Gym in Mexico City is world famous, the best fighters in the world are aching to get in there. Ignacio Beristain is in the World Boxing Hall of Fame, and you'll be training with him if you step food into Romanza Gym.

Mexico is very well known for it's fighters. So if you step foot over there to train be sure to bring immense respect and humility, or you'll swiftly become humbled regardless. Fight culture there is just as strong as Sambo Wrestling in Russia, Muay Thai in Thailand, Jiujitsu in Brazil or Japan. So if you're going there to fight, you better bring your A game!

Fight.TV has lots of love for our Mexican boxers and fighters abroad competing / training there. We often host pro boxing PPV events there. So if you want to see some of this action, tune in with us!


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