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Michael Bisping believes Jake Paul will beat Nate Diaz convincingly

Everyone has an opinion about the monumental battle between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz that is coming up, but Michael Bisping has one that is hot off the press.

The former UFC middleweight champion provided a fiery take on how he expects the fight to unfold on his Believe You Me Podcast.

In response to a film of Eddie Hearn from Matchroom Boxing, Bisping stated that he agrees with Hearn that Paul will defeat Diaz decisively.

"Jake's the bigger, more explosive guy and that's why he's picked this fight, you know what I mean, and I hope I eat more words of course I do but it's a very, very smart match-up. It's a very smart pick."

Although Bisping praised Nate Diaz for being a "badass" and "real fighter," he feels that Jake Paul has the advantage due to a number of variables.

The former UFC champion noted that although he can see the bout lasting longer than Eddie Hearn anticipated, Diaz fighting so far outside of his weight class will be a tremendous benefit for the YouTuber-turned-boxer.


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