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Michael Bisping Breaks Down Colby Covington's Last Shot at UFC 296

Former champion Michael Bisping sheds light on what makes Covington a formidable opponent.

Despite some questioning Covington's deservingness of another title shot, Bisping emphasizes that 'Chaos' remains a credible contender. The bout is expected to be closely contested, with Covington relying on relentless pressure and volume to wear down Edwards.

Bisping, however, points out a crucial factor that adds to Covington's danger in the fight. At 36 years old, this title bout represents Covington's last opportunity for championship glory. Having previously fought twice for the belt against Kamaru Usman without clinching victory, this third attempt is make-or-break for the outspoken challenger.

"This is going to be the last chance for Colby Covington, okay, this really is," asserts Bisping.

While providing words of encouragement for Edwards, Bisping outlines the key to success for the current champion. Maintaining range, utilizing jabs, straight shots, punishing Covington with knees and elbows on the inside, and strategically deploying head kicks will be essential for Edwards. The critical factor, according to Bisping, is keeping the fight off the ground.

"If he can keep the fight off the ground, he’s probably going to retain the belt, but it ain’t going to be easy because Colby is like an energizer bunny. He just never stops," warns Bisping.

As UFC 296 approaches, the narrative surrounding this championship bout continues to build, promising an intense and closely watched showdown between two highly skilled welterweight fighters.


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