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Michael Bisping reveals he almost fought Jake Paul in a boxing match

Michael Bisping is one of the most decorated and respected fighters in UFC history. The former middleweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer has faced some of the best fighters in the world, such as Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Luke Rockhold, and Dan Henderson. However, he recently revealed that he was also offered a chance to step in the ring with a very different opponent: Jake Paul.

Jake Paul is a YouTuber-turned-boxer who has been making headlines with his controversial antics and fights. He has fought four times as a professional boxer, winning three by knockout and losing one by split decision. He has faced celebrities and athletes from other sports, such as Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Tommy Fury. However, he has never fought a professional boxer or a fighter of Bisping’s caliber.

In an interview with Betway, Bisping claimed that he received a contract from Jake Paul’s team for a boxing match a while ago. However, he said that he asked for more money and never heard back from them. He also accused Jake Paul of being a coward and picking off smaller and non-boxing opponents.

“The sooner we shut up and stop talking about the little coward Jake Paul, the better it is.” Bisping said. “Jake Paul sent a contract to my management asking me to box him a while ago. I said ‘yeah sure’ if you up the offer a little bit. And then guess what, we never heard back from him because he’s a little p*ssy and he’s picking off smaller guys and non-boxers.”

Bisping also pointed out that Jake Paul lost his last fight against Tommy Fury, who is the only boxer he has faced so far. He said that Jake Paul is avoiding the rematch and instead fighting Nate Diaz, who is an MMA legend but not a boxer.

“The one time he fought a boxer, Tommy Fury, he lost. Is he going after the rematch? No. He fights Nate Diaz who is almost 40 and is not a boxer. He can box a little bit, but is a smaller guy that used to fight at 155 pounds.” Bisping said.

Bisping also revealed that Jake Paul regularly texts him angry messages, which he enjoys replying to. He said that he has no respect for Jake Paul and his boxing career.

“He texts me all the time with abuse. I love it. I love winding him up.” Bisping said. “He’s not a real fighter. He’s not a real boxer. He’s just a clown on the internet trying to make some money.”

Bisping is not the only MMA fighter who has been linked to Jake Paul. Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis, Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru Usman, and Daniel Cormier are some of the names that have been mentioned as potential opponents for the YouTuber. However, none of these fights have materialized yet.

Jake Paul is set to return to the ring on February 26th against Nate Diaz


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