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Michael Bisping's EXPLOSIVE Take on Refereeing Standards!

Michael Bisping has shared his thoughts on the state of refereeing in MMA following the Roman Dolidze vs. Nassourdine Imavov fight. Imavov emerged victorious in their middleweight main event last weekend, with some viewing it as a clear win for him. However, there were aspects of the fight that sparked commentary and criticism.

Michael Bisping

One issue was Imavov's knee to Dolidze when he was a downed opponent, which led to a confrontation between Imavov and Dolidze's corner. Additionally, there were instances of ineffective clinching, primarily initiated by Dolidze. Reflecting on these aspects, Michael Bisping weighed in on what referees can do to improve the situation.

Bisping emphasized the need for fights to be broken up against the fence more quickly. He pointed out instances in the fight where Dolidze pressured Imavov against the fence and held him there for extended periods. Bisping expressed a desire to see referees intervene sooner in such situations, stating,

"I wanted to see them broken up far, far sooner."
"A lot of the time you'll see two girls up against the fence... break that up, okay?"

While acknowledging that he doesn't make the rules, Bisping stressed the importance of moving the action along for the sake of the fans. He highlighted the issue of prolonged battles against the fence, particularly between fighters who may not be the strongest wrestlers. Bisping advocated for referees to break up these stalemates, stating,


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