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Michael Chandler Aims to End McGregor's Career in June Fight

Michael Chandler has expressed his belief that he will be the final opponent in Conor McGregor's storied career. Speculation about a long-awaited bout between Chandler, known as 'Iron,' and McGregor, widely recognized as 'The Notorious,' arose when McGregor announced plans on social media to face Chandler on June 29th during International Fight Week. However, the fight has yet to receive official confirmation from the UFC or its president, Dana White.

In a recent interview with ESPN MMA, Chandler discussed McGregor's recent comments and affirmed his willingness to face his Ultimate Fighter rival in any weight class. Chandler went on to express his confidence that when they eventually meet in the octagon, the outcome will not be in doubt.

He believes he will be the one to bring an end to McGregor's illustrious career, citing McGregor's recent loss to Dustin Poirier, where McGregor suffered a leg injury, and his subsequent absence from competition as factors that contribute to his confidence

“All of that is just deposits in the bank, of me just wanting to smash this dude. I want to stay within myself, I don’t need to get emotional about it. But, there will be an extra hint of satisfaction of ending this guy’s career. Doing something on the biggest stage I could have asked for, have been asking for, and looking forward to, since we signed on the dotted line to do The Ultimate Fighter.”
“Yeah man, it’s been a great career.” Michael Chandler concluded talking about his future meeting with Conor McGregor. “I still have a lot of gas left in the tank, even after this. So I’m ready to dismantle this guy, and see what’s next. Hopefully the title.”

Acknowledging a personal aspect to their rivalry, Chandler expressed a desire for revenge and satisfaction in potentially ending McGregor's career. He stated that he knew the risks when signing up for The Ultimate Fighter against an opponent returning from a serious injury, and his resolve to defeat McGregor has only been strengthened by the delay in their meeting.

Looking ahead to the potential clash, Chandler remains focused and determined, emphasizing his readiness to compete at the highest level. He expressed his belief that he still has much to offer in his career, even beyond a potential bout with McGregor, and his ultimate goal is to secure a championship title in the UFC.


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