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Michael Chandler Questions Arman Tsarukyan's Decision-Making in UFC 302

Michael Chandler Questions Arman Tsarukyan
Michael Chandler (left), Arman Tsarukyan (right)

Former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler recently voiced his confusion over Arman Tsarukyan's choice to turn down a title fight at UFC 302 against reigning lightweight champion Islam Makhachev. Chandler's remarks came during an interview on The MMA Hour, where he reflected on his own experiences seizing big opportunities in the sport.

Chandler, known for his explosive debut in the UFC with a knockout victory over Dan Hooker, emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities in the fast-paced world of MMA. He expressed surprise at Tsarukyan's decision, considering Tsarukyan's recent victory over Charles Oliveira at UFC 300, which positioned him as a potential No. 1 contender in the lightweight division.

The seasoned fighter noted that the sport moves swiftly, highlighting the significance of upcoming bouts like Makhachev versus Dustin Poirier at UFC 302 and Conor McGregor's return at UFC 303. Chandler, who recently faced Oliveira for the title at UFC 262, stressed the need for fighters to act swiftly in the competitive landscape of the UFC.

Regarding Tsarukyan's fighting abilities, Chandler acknowledged the Georgian fighter's strengths, particularly his ground game and overall skill set. Despite Tsarukyan's tough showing against Makhachev in their previous encounter, Chandler believes Makhachev would likely retain the title in a rematch.

Tsarukyan swiftly responded to Chandler's remarks, firing back with pointed criticism. He questioned Chandler's decision-making in waiting for high-profile fights, suggesting that Chandler prioritized paychecks over seizing opportunities in the octagon.

The exchange between Chandler and Tsarukyan underscores the strategic considerations and competitive dynamics that shape fighters' decisions in the UFC's lightweight division.


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