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Michael Oliveira Eyes Redemption in the Super Middleweight Division

Anticipation is building as super middleweight contender Michael Oliveira gears up to make a significant impact in the division.

At 33 years old, Oliveira boasts an impressive record of 22 wins and 2 losses, with an astounding 16 knockouts under his belt. Eager to reclaim the spotlight, he is determined to showcase the skills that initially labeled him as a world title contender after winning his first 16 fights.

Having relocated from Miami, where he spent some time after leaving his native Brazil, Oliveira now calls Denver home. Set to make his return in March, he is scheduled for a 170 lbs bout but plans to campaign at 168 in the super middleweight division.

Oliveira's resurgence is backed by the expertise of renowned matchmaker Jon Beninati. Speaking on the collaboration, Oliveira stated,

"I am now back with internationally known matchmaker Jon Beninati, and he helped me with coaches and potential sponsors. John has been around a lot of world champions, so I know he can help me. I have been training every day and working on my conditioning and getting my weight down."

Expressing his strategic approach to the comeback, Oliveira outlined his plan:

"I am thinking of two or three fights to get back, and then I will look for a significant opportunity."

While Oliveira may have been relatively inactive in the past decade due to injuries, he utilized his time wisely. The former Brazilian soccer player transitioned into a different arena, becoming a Police Officer in Denver. Now, with a renewed focus on his boxing career, he is ready to capitalize on this second chance in the squared circle.

Reflecting on his journey, Oliveira acknowledged his growth: "I feel that I was young and did not take advantage of the people that I had around me. I am more mature, and I have developed my man strength. I feel that given the proper opportunity, I will knock it out of the park." As the boxing world awaits his return, Michael Oliveira is determined to make waves in the super middleweight division in the coming year.


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