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Mikaela Mayer is defeated by Natasha Jonas via a 10-round split decision.

Natasha Jonas retained her IBF world female welterweight title in a ten-round split decision against Mikaela Mayer in Liverpool's Echo Arena. Despite the final scores tipping in favor of Jonas, Mayer secured one judge's favor, sparking heated debates among boxing aficionados. Mayer's striking 24K gold-like performance outshined Jonas in most aspects of the fight, with the crowd's bias palpable. The fight's outcome has raised questions about the influence of home advantage and possible bias. A rematch is necessary to determine who deserves the title, and the boxing world eagerly awaits a decisive rematch to bring closure to this fiercely contested chapter.

Mikaela Mayer is defeated by Natasha Jonas via a 10-round split decision.
HOME ADVANTAGE CONTROVERSY? Jonas handed decision in dubious facious

IBF world female welterweight champion Natasha Jonas (15-2-1, 9 KOs) thrillingly defended her title in a ten-round split decision against the dangerous challenger Mikaela Mayer (19-2, 5 KOs) in Liverpool's Echo Arena. Even though Mayer won one judge's decision (97-93), and the final scores went in favour of Jonas (96-95, 96-94), the fight's conclusion has provoked contentious discussions among boxing enthusiasts.

The story of the evening was not just about who prevailed, but also about how, as the dust settled in the ring. In all facets of the battle, Mayer appeared to outclass Jonas with her stunning performance reminiscent of 24K gold. There was no denying the crowd's favouritism as each of Jonas's punches was welcomed with thunderous applause, while Mayer's well-aimed blows frequently caused quiet. Mayer's approach was straightforward and successful: she was the more energetic combatant, throwing more blows and establishing her superiority over the obviously worn-out 39-year-old Jonas in the latter rounds.

Nonetheless, there were several controversial aspects to the bout. Many, myself included, believe Mayer was the legitimate winner because he set the pace and cadence of the fight. However, Jonas seemed to be having trouble keeping up, frequently clutching to protect himself from Mayer's unrelenting attack. Mayer demonstrated her better fitness and tactical acumen in the ninth and tenth rounds when she used a strategy of barrage Jonas with potent combinations.

There has been a lot of discussion over how this battle turned out. Even though Jonas was declared the winner, there have been concerns expressed concerning potential prejudice and the impact of home advantage in the match's score. Many are curious as to whether the choice would have been different on neutral ground given Mayer's 33 years of age and her impressive power and talent during the match.

In the future, it appears that a rematch is not only desired but also required. It's obvious that the debate over this bout won't end until these two fighters square off again, preferably in a neutral location, to decide who really deserves the championship. Even though Jonas won the championship again tonight, her success is clouded by uncertainty. The boxing community is looking forward to a decisive rematch that will hopefully close this hotly disputed chapter.

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