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Mike Perry Predicts Trouble for Jake Paul Against 57-Year-Old Mike Tyson

Mike Perry expressed his desire to be Jake Paul's next boxing opponent, but he's also excited about Mike Tyson's upcoming fight and the potential for Tyson to turn back the clock and earn a big payday.

Mike Perry

The Paul vs. Tyson boxing match is set to take place on July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and will be streamed exclusively on Netflix for subscribers. Perry, who is gearing up to face Thiago Alves in the main event of BKFC's Knucklemania 4 on April 27, shared his thoughts on the matchup, which was officially announced on Thursday.

"I was like, damn, get that bag, Mike," Perry told MMA Fighting. "I think 57-year-old Mike Tyson is a problem for Jake. He can hurt him for sure, so let's see if they're allowed to knock each other out, or if only Jake is allowed. Who knows?"

"It should be me though," Perry said. "I should be fighting Jake, but it's Mike Tyson, so how can I compete with that? It'll be on Netflix and they're doing all this marketing together. It's good for Mike and it will be exciting because of Mike."

One of the major concerns within the combat sports community is the significant age difference between the two fighters, with Paul being over 30 years younger than Tyson. However, Perry believes that Tyson, even at 58 by the time of the fight, can still be a formidable opponent.

"Obviously the age difference is the biggest factor here," Perry said. "We saw Mike against Roy Jones and he looked great. He looked like he didn't skip a beat. I think if he comes out punching at Jake and doesn't try to weather the young man's storm, if he just comes out to get him and maybe take a breather every now and then if the kid can survive it... because I can see Jake running from him."

Perry, who has found success since leaving the UFC and becoming the face of BKFC, expressed disappointment at not getting the opportunity to fight Paul but is excited to see Tyson in action.


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