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Mike Tyson Story

Mike Tyson, the man, the myth, the legend. When you think of the biggest boxers of all time. Tyson definitely comes to mind. It pretty much boils down to him, Muhammad Ali, and Butterbean. What is Tysons story though? Many people know his face, name, legacy but not much about the actual man behind it all.

Mike Tyson was born June 30th 1966 in New York City, Brooklyn to be specific. His father was from Jamaica, and had two siblings from him and then a half sibling. Tysons mother passed away when he was 16, crushing a young Tyson he was left in the care of Cus D'amato a boxing manager and trainer.

That's where his fight began, struggling to grief with the death of his mother and fighting to make a name for himself in the world of boxing. It only took a young Tyson 2 years to become the youngest heavyweight champion of the world at 18 years old. Talk about a hunger for greatness against all odds and adversity.

Tyson may have had a troubled youth and gotten into legal issues, but he overcame it with boxing. Tyson quickly rose to the top of the boxing world by the late 80's. After a short stint in prison, Tyson came back to reclaim his titles being one of the only heavyweight boxers in the world to do so after being stripped of them.

Today Mike is a cultural icon, being affiliated with countless movies and shows and brands. Everyone loves seeing Mike Tyson. We're incredibly inspired by his story and we hope you are as well. What's your favorite thing about Mike Tyson?


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