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Mike Tyson wanted £500 million to fight Tyson Fury

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxer to ever live. But could a 53-year-old Tyson have what it takes to beat the current Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury?

Iron Mike was preparing for his fight with Roy Jones Jr. when WBC champion Tyson Fury revealed the conditions set forth in a Zoom call by Tyson regarding a potential exhibition between the two.

Despite his old age, Tyson wanted to get back to fighting and thought Fury was well-known enough to do it. According to Fury's comments, Tyson wanted to profit from a media stunt-type event.

Tyson, after whom "The Gipsy King" was called by his father John in the 1980s, was willing to spar with him. Fury told iFL TV, "There was some mention of it. His staff got in touch with me. I spoke on the phone with Mike. All of it was real.

“Mike was talking about £500 million ($620 million) figures, but what came back to us on paper was a joke. It was crazy.
“I did have a $10m offer from ESPN to do the fight as an exhibition, but I think everyone has moved on now.
“I would have loved to share the ring with him and move around. But if he had won, then people would have said I was rubbish because a 53-year-old beat me. If I had beaten him, then I would have been a bully.


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