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Bare Knuckle Fighter Joe Riggs calls Out Nate Diaz for a Bare Knuckle Boxing Match

Updated: Aug 19, 2023


In the electrifying world of combat sports, a new headline has taken the stage: Bare Knuckle Fighter Joe Riggs is throwing down the gauntlet, challenging none other than Nate Diaz to a heart-pounding bare knuckle boxing match. The anticipation is palpable as contracts are already prepared, awaiting approval. This article delves deep into this showdown, exploring the motivations, potential outcomes, and the overall impact on the world of combat sports.

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MMA Fighter Joe Riggs: The Bold Challenger

Joe Riggs, known for his fearless attitude inside the MMA cage, is no stranger to taking on challenges. With a decorated career in mixed martial arts, Riggs has built a reputation for his gritty determination and unwavering spirit. Now, he's setting his sights on a new venture: a bare-knuckle boxing match against none other than Nate Diaz.

MMA Fighter Joe Riggs calls Out Nate Diaz for a Bare Knuckle Boxing Match

Nate Diaz: The Stockton Slugger

Nate Diaz, a name synonymous with toughness and tenacity, has carved his own path in the world of combat sports. Known for his exciting fights and signature fighting style, Diaz brings a unique flavor to every bout. His journey from the rough streets of Stockton to the bright lights of the octagon has solidified his status as a fan favorite.

MMA Fighter Joe Riggs calls Out Nate Diaz for a Bare Knuckle Boxing Match

The Showdown: Bare Knuckle Boxing Match MMA Fighter Joe Riggs calls Out Nate Diaz

The proposed bare-knuckle boxing match between Joe Riggs and Nate Diaz is a collision of two worlds. While both fighters have their roots in MMA, the allure of a bare-knuckle contest adds a thrilling twist. Stripped of gloves and traditional MMA rules, this match promises raw and unfiltered action that resonates with fight enthusiasts across the globe.

MMA Fighter Joe Riggs calls Out Nate Diaz for a Bare Knuckle Boxing Match

Contracts Ready for Approval: The Countdown Begins

As the excitement builds, fans and pundits alike are eagerly awaiting news of the contracts' approval for Joe Riggs calls Out Nate Diaz for a Bare Knuckle Boxing Match. With the paperwork in place, it's only a matter of time before the ink dries, and the stage is set for this monumental clash. Riggs and Diaz are gearing up for a fierce showdown that could redefine the boundaries of combat sports.

MMA Fighter Joe Riggs calls Out Nate Diaz for a Bare Knuckle Boxing Match

The Unpredictable Factor: What Could Happen?

In the realm of combat sports, predictions are often met with surprises. The Riggs vs. Diaz match is no exception. With both fighters known for their unpredictable styles, the outcome is shrouded in mystery. Will Riggs's calculated aggression overpower Diaz's finesse? Or will Diaz's unorthodox striking find its mark against Riggs's resilience?

MMA Fighter Joe Riggs calls Out Nate Diaz for a Bare Knuckle Boxing Match

A Legacy on the Line: Impact on Careers

For Joe Riggs and Nate Diaz, this match is more than just a contest; it's a chance to etch their names in the annals of combat sports history. A victory could elevate their legacies and open doors to new opportunities. Conversely, a loss could spark reflection and recalibration. The stakes are undeniably high.

MMA Fighter Joe Riggs calls Out Nate Diaz for a Bare Knuckle Boxing Match

The Buzz: Fans and Media Weigh In

The MMA community is abuzz with speculation, analysis, and opinions about this potential bare-knuckle clash. Social media platforms are flooded with debates, memes, and predictions, showcasing the reach and impact of this match on both die-hard fans and casual observers. Media outlets are dedicating coverage, fueling the fire of anticipation.

Beyond Borders: Global Interest

The allure of this match extends far beyond local arenas. The clash between Joe Riggs and Nate Diaz transcends borders and cultures, drawing attention from fight enthusiasts across the world. The universal language of combat sports unites fans from various backgrounds, creating a global camaraderie that's unparalleled.


Q: When is the proposed match scheduled to take place? A: While an official date is yet to be announced, the contracts are currently under review, and fans are eagerly waiting for updates.

Q: Where might the potential match be held? A: While no specific venue has been confirmed, discussions surrounding the fight's location are part of the excitement.

Q: How do both fighters feel about this challenge? A: Joe Riggs expressed his eagerness for the match, citing it as a test of his skills. Nate Diaz, known for his fearlessness, has yet to publicly respond.

Q: What's the significance of a bare-knuckle boxing match? A: Bare-knuckle matches bring a primal intensity to combat sports, testing fighters' toughness and striking ability without the cushioning of gloves.

Q: How are fans reacting to this announcement? A: Fans are divided, with some excited about the unique matchup, while others express concerns about potential risks due to the nature of bare-knuckle fighting.

Q: What other opportunities could emerge from this match? A: A compelling performance could potentially open doors for the winner, including lucrative contracts and high-profile matchups.


The clash between MMA Fighter Joe Riggs and Nate Diaz in a proposed bare-knuckle boxing match has captured the imagination of the combat sports world. With contracts on the table, awaiting approval, the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. This showdown represents not only a battle between two seasoned fighters but also a test of courage, skill, and resilience. As the MMA community eagerly awaits updates, the world of combat sports braces for an event that could reshape the landscape forever.


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