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MMA In Space!?

So we just saw Jeff Bezos go to space. Hear me out, why not MMA fighters. I think the world would much rather watch Mcgregor VS Poirer 4 in space, than Bezos playing space cowboy. Maybe that's just me.

There's no gravity. Each dude would just kind of be floating around trying to strike each other. Maybe this would stop Conor from getting injured. Who knows!? It would be cool as hell though. Imagine some crazy fully enclosed dodecahedron that has Ultimate Ninja Warrior esque stuff for the fighters to climb around and push off of. A flying superman punch would look cool as hell.

These are the types of space pirates I want to see. We could literally get to watch our favorite fighters grappling in space. Every armbar would be a flying armbar. Side control would probably not be the best position anymore. Oddly enough I feel like North-South might be the new meta?

It might even be safer for fighters because there's less resistance. Or would it be more dangerous? Regardless you cant say a space MMA battle in a dodecahedron battle arena wouldn't be the coolest thing ever.

What do you think?


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