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Molly McCann beats Ji Yeon Kim

September 4th was a golden day in the history of UFC with UFC Vegas 36. Molly McCain and Ji Yoon Kim went face to face. Coming off Molly McCann's back-to-back losses, Molly McCann had a lot of pressure on her shoulders going into Saturday's fight, so one can understand if she was a little emotional later. Performed brilliantly in UFC Fight Night.

The victory of this battle not only proved to be a great help for McCann to get her career on the winning track but also brought another great joy for McCan. McCann won a unanimous decision on the opening card of UFC Vegas 36. Molly and Kim went about to receive a Fight of the Night bonus. The first UFC win of her career is a bonus, and that means she's going home with an extra 50,000.

"Meatball" shared a video of her reaction to the news on social media, she added an enthusiastic scream. Watch a clip of the passionate reaction.

The victory moved McCann's professional record to 11-4 and represented the perfect response to her disappointing loss to Lara Procopio in February.

The question is, will McCann be able to maintain her victory? And who will be McCann's next victim?

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