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Molly McCann will move down to Strawweight after UFC London defeat

Molly McCann is changing her weight division

In the co-main event of UFC London last Saturday, McCann had a difficult day at the office as he was defeated by Julija Stoliarenko in under two minutes.

McCann suffered his second straight defeat, and both came in a lopsided manner. Due to this, "Meatball" declared in an Instagram post on Monday that she had her sights set on the 115-pound weight class.

She wrote in an Instagram post:

“Now that the dusts settled I’d like to thank the UFC staff and all at TNT Sports for the opportunity to co-main at The 02 in front of the best fans in the world.

If you could only imagine the sacrifices and work that went into the build up and that fight camp. I can’t quite put into words. However I will try to [sum] it up.

I have always had the toughest road and journey in life, that’s just the Molly McCann way, and I’m okay with that. The highs are the highest and the lows, well I don’t think I have words that do the pain and hurt justice. But dare to dream ay!

If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to always overcome adversity and this is no different. Twenty months ago I was sitting in this same position, 2 back to back losses and ready to pack it in. Then a boss run and my world changed forever.

We have one more adjustment to make and I believe that will make all the difference in the world, the smallest in the division makes it tough when the opponents are so much bigger. So for me it’s time to drop down and face the girls who are the same size!

To all the keyboard warriors who’ll give me down the banks and want to tell me about my self go ahead, I’m living my dream EVERY SINGLE DAY, I’m winning in life, the best teams around me, the best promotion in the world. This game has give me everything, and I am beyond blessed.

With the exception of catchweight fights in both her professional and UFC debuts, McCann, one of the most popular English female fighters in the UFC, competed for the great duration of her career at 125 pounds. The 33-year-old Liverpudlian has been a promotional lynchpin for the UFC's recent events in London and has compiled a 6-5 record since joining the organisation in 2018.


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