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Movsar Evloev Aims for UFC Featherweight Glory After Dominant Win at UFC 297

Evloev kicking Allen at UFC 297
UFC 297: Arnold Allen vs Movsar Evloev

In the aftermath of a compelling clash at UFC 297, Movsar Evloev stands tall with an unblemished record of 18-0, extending his winning streak to eight consecutive victories in the UFC featherweight division. The confident contender, fresh off a unanimous decision triumph over Arnold Allen, believes he has punched his ticket to a title shot.

At the post-fight news conference, Evloev expressed his conviction, stating, 

“It’s not about finishing somebody or something else. I’m 18-0 – that’s no joke. Even if I had no finishes, with 15-0 I beat everybody, and everyone knows. Because I’m still undefeated, there’s no way they don’t let me go for the title. (But) if I need to beat somebody else, just give it to me.”

The coveted featherweight title is set to be contested at UFC 298 next month, where champion Alexander Volkanovski faces the undefeated Ilia Topuria in his sixth title defense. Notably, Evloev has a history with Topuria, as the two were previously scheduled to face off before an unfortunate withdrawal from Evloev.

Undeterred by his past setback, Evloev remains indifferent about his potential opponent, be it Volkanovski or Topuria. When asked about his prediction for the upcoming title bout, Evloev acknowledged the toughness of both fighters but hinted at a preference for Topuria.

“He’s still tough, and it’s not about Ilia – he’s still tough, too. He’s undefeated. Of course (Topuria) has a chance for victory, but my favorite is still Alex. But for me, maybe it’s better for Ilia to win because we have a backstory, and for me, it’s good to take a title shot and fight him for once.”

As the featherweight division gears up for an enthralling title clash, Movsar Evloev's confidence and undefeated streak make him a formidable force, ready to seize the opportunity for UFC featherweight glory.


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