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Naoya Inoue Eyes Historic Achievement in Boxing

Naoya Inoue, known for his exceptional skill and disregard for weight class boundaries, is on the verge of making boxing history once again. Despite the usual constraints of weight divisions, the Japanese star has proven that moving up in weight does not hinder his dominance in the ring.

Having conquered the 118-pound weight class by securing every world title, the 30-year-old is now poised to achieve the same feat at 122 pounds. His next challenge comes in the form of Marlon Tapales, the final obstacle standing between Inoue and his historic goal of becoming a back-to-back undisputed champion.

For Inoue's loyal supporters, the anticipation for his next move is already building. While potential matchups in the 126 or 130-pound divisions fail to captivate their imagination, a clash with Gervonta Davis at 135 pounds is a scenario that excites many. Even Davis himself has expressed enthusiasm for such a bout, acknowledging the tremendous appeal it holds for fans worldwide.

However, Inoue remains pragmatic about the possibility of facing Davis. Despite the clamor from fans and Davis's own interest, Inoue believes that the disparity in their weights presents a significant obstacle to arranging the much-anticipated showdown.

"I don’t think it's possible," remarked Inoue in an interview "It’s more of a hype that fans are putting together."

Despite the potential matchup with Davis, both fighters are often mentioned in discussions about the sport's pound-for-pound rankings. Inoue consistently occupies the top spots, often trailing only behind Terence Crawford, while Davis tends to find himself in the lower half of those lists.

Inoue, however, holds Davis in high regard and believes he deserves more recognition in the pound-for-pound rankings.

"I think of him very highly. If he’s on the lower part of the pound-for-pound, I think he should be up a little further," stated Inoue.

As Inoue continues his pursuit of boxing greatness, the possibility of facing Davis remains a tantalizing prospect for fans, even if the logistical challenges of weight differences may keep it from becoming a reality.


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