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Natasha Jonas ready to fight Claressa Shields: Trainer Joe Gallagher

Natasha Jonas, the three-time world champion, is willing to fight anyone, including the undefeated American boxer Claressa Shields, according to her trainer Joe Gallagher. Shields, who has never lost in a professional boxing ring, is considered by many to be the greatest female fighter of all time. However, Jonas is ready to take on the daunting task of fighting her.

"Natasha's skillset brings different things to the table than what Savannah did. It is a daunting task. Claressa, people say she's the greatest female fighter of all-time. Look at what she's done, she's a phenomenal fighter, she's one of my favourite fighters in the sport today," Gallagher said.

Jonas, who unified three major super-welterweight titles in three fights last year after moving up three weight divisions, is looking for the biggest name possible. Her promoter, Ben Shalom, said that they are not going to rush it and that there are other big names like Mikaela Mayer and Cecilia Braekhus.

Braekhus, a former undisputed welterweight champion, is set to fight WBA titlist Terri Harper, while Mayer lost a close super-featherweight unification to Alycia Baumgardner on the Shields-Marshall undercard in October. It is unclear whether she would move up to super-welter.

"Tasha's a big name and Mayer needs a way back in. I think Mayer's looking for big names, big fighters, whether she can get that Baumgardner rematch or not, we'll see," Shalom said.

While Shields is the undisputed middleweight champion, she could drop down a weight to fight Jonas. It is a division where Shields has gone undisputed before, in 2021 when she outpointed Marie Eve Dicaire, who was also Jonas' last opponent.

"Natasha has always wanted to test herself against the best. If she can't get Katie [Taylor], she wants Claressa. That just tells you everything you need to know about Natasha. She wants to fight the best," Gallagher said.

According to Gallagher, "somebody is always somebody's Kryptonite out there," and Jonas just wants to be given the opportunity to test herself against the best. "Whoever, whenever, Tasha says, she's ready. It's just a fantastic story, Natasha Jonas, who knows where it's going to end up?" he added.

In conclusion, Jonas' willingness to fight anyone shows her determination to continue to prove herself in the boxing world. Her potential fight with Claressa Shields could be a landmark event for women's boxing, and fans of the sport will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating this potential matchup.


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