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Nate Diaz claims self-defense in first statement regarding arrest warrant issued in New Orleans

Former UFC star Nate Diaz is in hot water after an arrest warrant was issued for him concerning a street fight that took place in New Orleans. However, Diaz is claiming that he acted in self-defense during the altercation.

Diaz's representative, Zach Rosenfield, released a statement stating that Diaz's attorney, Walter Becker, has been in contact with court authorities in New Orleans and that they look forward to presenting all the facts about the incident to the District Attorney.

“Nate’s attorney, Walter Becker, can confirm that Nate has received word of the arrest warrant, and Becker has been in contact with court authorities in New Orleans,” Rosenfield said. “Nate’s attorney looks forward to presenting all of the facts about this incident to the District Attorney, which clearly demonstrates that a trained fighter named Rodney Petersen aggressively pursued Nate with the intention of engaging him and once doing so, Nate acted entirely in self-defense.
“No further comment will be made at this time.”

The altercation in issue arose on Friday of last week on Bourbon Street, when Diaz was filmed on camera using a standing guillotine to choke Petersen until he passed out. Petersen was eventually revealed to be an amateur MMA fighter and professional boxer. The two had clashed amid a wider brawl. Petersen was shown with what seemed to be blood on the back of his head in a subsequent video.

The brawl also involved Netflix star Chase DeMoor, who Diaz was separated from earlier that night at a Misfits Boxing event. DeMoor later challenged Diaz to a fight on social media.

While no arrest has been made yet, if Diaz is found guilty of second-degree battery, he could face up to eight years in prison and/or a $2,000 fine. Diaz is currently scheduled to fight Jake Paul in a boxing match on August 5th in Dallas, his first combat sports competition since leaving the UFC.

The incident has caused a stir in the MMA community, with many taking sides and debating whether Diaz was justified in his actions. Diaz has a reputation as a tough and uncompromising fighter, but some are questioning whether his behavior in this situation crossed a line.

Regardless of the outcome, the incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of street fighting and the importance of self-defense training for those involved in combat sports. Diaz's case will undoubtedly be closely watched by fans and fighters alike as it unfolds.


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