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Nate Diaz Names Josh Neer as His Toughest MMA Opponent

Former UFC title challenger Nate Diaz has never shied away from tough opponents, but in a recent interview, he revealed the name of the fighter who gave him the most formidable challenge in his MMA career - Josh Neer.

As Diaz gears up for his boxing debut against Jake Paul next month, he took a moment to reflect on his time inside the Octagon and expressed his excitement for a potential return to the UFC after the boxing match.

Diaz, known for his gritty fighting style and remarkable resilience, has sparred with some of the best names in boxing, including Andre Ward, leading him to feel confident ahead of his boxing clash with 'The Problem Child' Paul on DAZN pay-per-view. The Stockton slugger believes his experience in the world of MMA makes him the perfect candidate to defeat the YouTube sensation turned pugilist.

In the interview with Bradley Martyn, Diaz shared his thoughts on his illustrious MMA career, and surprisingly, he credited Josh Neer as his toughest adversary. Their epic showdown took place in September 2008, headlining a UFC Fight Night event. Diaz secured a hard-fought split-decision victory over Neer, who proved to be a relentless and tenacious


"I always say it, but there's a guy that I fought named Josh Neer," Diaz stated. "He's a motherf***er... And it was my hardest fight... It's a hundred miles an hour. It's a good fight."

The connection between Diaz and Neer deepened as they eventually became friends outside the cage. Nate's brother, Nick Diaz, had also faced Neer in a thrilling encounter at UFC 62, with Nick securing a submission victory.

Looking back on his career, Nate Diaz expressed his desire to return to MMA after his upcoming boxing match, a promise he made after his submission win over Tony Ferguson. The anticipation for Diaz's return to the UFC adds to the excitement surrounding his boxing debut against Jake Paul.

As fight fans eagerly await the clash of Diaz and Paul in the boxing ring, Diaz's acknowledgment of Josh Neer's challenging prowess adds an intriguing layer to his remarkable career story. Whether Diaz can carry the lessons learned from his toughest opponent into the boxing ring and overcome the brash Jake Paul remains to be seen, but one thing is certain - Nate Diaz's legacy as a true warrior in combat sports continues to grow.


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