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Neil Magny ready to expose Khamzat Chimaev, dares ‘Borz’ to fight him on Dec. 18

UFC Welterweight Phenom Khumzat Chemayev resumed his career last weekend in Abu Dhabi with a knockout in the first round against Jungliang inside the Alliance Arena at "Fight Island" in Abu Dhabi on Saturday 30 October 2021. Thirteen months later, inside Augusta, Chemeyev proved once again that the rumors surrounding him were completely false, which many thought was the culmination of Jungling Chemeyev's mixed martial arts career. The hardest part will be the fighters. After knocking out Jungling, Chemayev yelled at Dana White, "I'm back, I'm going to kill everyone, and I'm the king here," pointing to the title. "He was shouting insanity at me throughout the fight," White told reporters at the UFC 267 post-fight press conference (quoted by MMA Fighting). "I don't know why, but basically I'm just saying, 'I'll fight everyone, I'll fight Brock Lesnar, I don't care who it is.' He was just talking like that. " Chimaev (10-0) treated Jingliang as Jason Voorhees treats teen advisers at Camp Crystal Lake and confirmed his popularity by submitting in the first round. "Once you start in the top 10, it's hard to do what they will do on Tuesday," White said of the rapid change for Chimayo. "I don't know. We'll find out if that's what he really wanted to do. I'm sure the boy wants to fight. We'll get home and find out what's next for him." "So far, the UFC is working to provide me with a replacement for December 18," Magni told MMA Jenny. "So in a perfect world, this fight takes place on December 18. (Chimayo) absorbed the zero loss against (Lee) Jungliang, and I think it would be a good turnout for him. There will be plenty of time to come back and face a tough opponent like me and go there and fight an amazing battle. I want to go to war against a man like Chamio. I am aware of the fact that I can drag it into the water and kill it. " Magni has been fighting Chimayo for a year. The question arises, what will be Dana's answer? McKinney or Osman


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