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Neil Magny Responds to Ian Machado Garry's Callout: "He Asked for the Wrong Neil"

In the wake of his recent callout by rising prospect Ian Machado Garry, Neil Magny has shown a keen interest in facing the "little Irish kid" inside the Octagon. Magny, known as 'The Haitian Sensation,' is open to the possibility of a clash with Garry after his victorious outing against Phil Rowe at UFC Jacksonville.

Garry, who boldly issued the challenge to Magny following his first-round TKO triumph over Daniel Rodriguez, caught the attention of the experienced welterweight. Despite being preoccupied with his scheduled bout against Rowe, Magny couldn't help but take note of the Irishman's brashness.

"I’m going to draw a blank to his name, but I guess there’s some little Irish kid calling me out, Ian whatever his last name is. I know he’s been real chippy or whatever, but he definitely asked for the wrong Neil," Magny stated, reflecting on the callout.

Although Garry already has a fight lined up against Geoff Neal at UFC 292, Magny finds himself torn between who he hopes emerges victorious. Selfishly, the Haitian-born fighter leans towards a Garry victory, as it could potentially set up the highly anticipated clash. However, he also expresses a genuine liking for Neal and acknowledges the opportunity for the latter to derail the Irishman's hype.

While Magny's recent triumph over Rowe marked a return to the win column after a loss to Gilbert Burns earlier this year, his recent record has been somewhat uneven. Sporting a 4-5 record in his last nine fights, he remains confident in his abilities and believes he possesses the style to defeat Garry and halt his upward trajectory.

With an impressive career that includes notable victories over the likes of Robbie Lawler, Carlos Condit, Geoff Neal, and Johny Hendricks, Magny boasts a wealth of experience and a skill set that makes him a formidable opponent for any welterweight.

As the MMA community eagerly anticipates the outcome of Garry's clash with Neal on August 19th at UFC 292, all eyes will be on the potential collision between Neil Magny and the Irish sensation. If Garry emerges victorious, the stage may be set for a showdown that promises fireworks and the opportunity for Magny to prove that the callout was indeed a misstep on the part of the "little Irish kid."

In the ever-evolving landscape of mixed martial arts, matchups like these keep fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the clash of skill, will, and determination inside the hallowed Octagon.


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