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Ngannou isnt worried about peoples opinion on him taking on Fury.

Francis Ngannou responds to those who are already predicting his defeat against Tyson Fury. Its seems him being an underdog actually motivates him.

"From the start, I don't remember a day when I took an initiative and then people said 'ah Francis, he's going to be a hit' when I said I'm going to do boxing, I was at Cameroon, people said "oh yes, but you have to forget". I proved that I could do MMA. I became Champion. When I said I'm going to take my freedom, I don't like the way I'm treated, I was told “ah yes, but you can't fight the system”. Looks like I have a knack for proving people wrong, and besides, what's the worst? “Today, I'm not afraid of falling, I'm not afraid of losing. I'm more afraid of not trying, I'm afraid of not giving it my all, I'm afraid of holding myself back because of this fear of failure. Failure is not, not succeeding, failure is not undertaking, it is not going to pursue your dream.

-Francis Ngannou


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