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Ngannou, The UFC, and Fighter Pay

Francis Ngannou has been blasting the UFC on media lately about his involvement in the promotion and his upcoming fight with Ciryl Gane. It turns out Ngannou isn't too happy with his current contract as he's had to borrow money to live through 2 fights in the past 2 years.

Ngannou is also concerned about his current funds to train for his upcoming bout with Gane. As this will likely be the most challenging bout of his career so far. Ciryl and Francis actually trained together before. The two used to be sparring partners and likely know a little about the others weaknesses.

Francis says the main issue at hand is he won't sign a new contract with the same terms that have him currently financially stressed. He's got one fight left on the old contract and will need a the new contract to have better conditions before he agrees to more fights with the UFC.

It would be very damaging to the UFC's reputation if their champion heavyweight resigns and goes to another promotion like Bellator or BKFC. Dana White has admitted that the company has underappreciated Ngannou and there looks to be a redemption here.

Fight.TV wants to know, do you think Francis Ngannou should stay with the UFC?


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