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Nick Ball Sets Sights on World Championship in 2024

Nick Ball's life is a testament to his dedication to boxing. Introduced to the sport at the age of six by his father, who wanted to steer him away from trouble at school, Ball has since made boxing his passion and purpose.

Driven by the dream of becoming a world champion, Ball's routine revolves around rigorous training, rarely missing a day. His recent victory over Isaac Dogboe at Manchester Arena showcased his skill and determination, solidifying his position as the top contender in the WBC rankings with an undefeated record of 19-0 (11 KOs).

Despite his impressive standing, Ball faces a waiting game for his shot at the featherweight title, currently held by Rey Vargas with Brandon Figueroa as the interim champion. As the mandatory challenger, Ball is confident that his opportunity will come soon.

Expressing his desire for the WBC belt, which he considers the pinnacle of boxing, Ball remains resolute in his pursuit. Reflecting on his journey, Ball acknowledges the influence of his father, whose strong work ethic and support have shaped him into the fighter he is today.

Having started with muay Thai before transitioning to boxing, Ball's versatility extends to other combat sports, though MMA is not a priority for him at the moment. He exudes confidence in his fighting abilities, emphasizing his disdain for quitting, a sentiment he believes sets him apart.

Ball's path to success has been marked by perseverance, with his breakthrough moment coming in a knockout victory over Isaac Lowe in 2021. When asked about a potential rematch with Lowe, Ball's response was succinct and confident, indicating his readiness to face any challenge that comes his way.


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