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Nick Diaz feels he got f***ked over in his career

The popular UFC fighter Nick Diaz claims he would have won the UFC championship if he hadn't been "f*cked over" during his career.

After winning the inaugural WEC welterweight title in 2003 and defeating Robbie Lawler and Gleison Tibau, Diaz made his UFC debut in 2004. Before joining Strikeforce, the Stockton native competed for Pride and Elite XC.

There, Diaz had great success, winning the organization's first 170-pound championship and successfully defending it three times before vacating it in preparation for an Octagon comeback. The UFC recently reflected on Diaz's 2011 armbar submission of "Cyborg" during his triumphant retention match against Evangelista Santos.

Diaz posted the spectacular finish to his Instagram Story after getting tagged by a fan. The 39-year-old claimed he might have had a UFC belt, if not two, wrapped around his waist had events gone differently.

“These motherf**kers are lucky. I got fu**ked over my whole career,” Diaz wrote. “Otherwise I have the UFC belt by now maybe both of them.”

Diaz didn't have the best relationship with the UFC and the governing body of the sport; in particular, he received a $165,000 fine and a five-year suspension after testing positive for marijuana metabolites during his UFC 183 match against Anderson Silva.

Even though he later got the sentence cut to 18 months and the fee to $100,000, Diaz still had to deal with another punishment in 2018 after three whereabouts failures by USADA.

Diaz's strained relationship with the top MMA competitor even led to him teasing a move to Bellator and yelling, "F*ck UFC."


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