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Nick Diaz Once Fought Two Heavyweight Dudes From His Bicycle

Nick Diaz talks about fighting two 240 pound plus dudes while riding his bicycle. He was cruising through an urban area, enjoying his cyclist hobby, getting some cardio in when a car started honking at him. Nick gets off his bike and two dudes jump out and onto him.

Nicks account is they all started grappling when Nick fell because of his biking shoes. He managed to get one of them in a leg lock. They all kept going at it but the other dudes got gassed pretty quick.

Nick says "alright, it's over, alright." as he got up and proceeded to start beating the crap out of one of them. The other guy started stabbing Nick with a pen. So Nick pleads with them that he's all done.

Very quickly, they all get up. The two dudes grab their stuff and Nicks phone to then leave. Nick wound up having to call them and apologize to get his phone back. Funny story, be sure to go watch the video on Youtube of Nick talking about it.


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