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Nick Newell Film - Notorious Nick

Nick Newell is a Bellator fighter competing in the lightweight divison. He holds a record of 20-4 with 16 of his wins coming via knockout, did we mention he only has 1 hand? He was born with a partial arm so all of Nicks MMA career has been fought with a handicap.

The dude has aboslutley no excuses. 16 knockouts with 1 arm! Every fighter he's faced has 2 arms to fight and grapple with, Nick Newell knocked out 16 of them. We haven't seen the movie yet but it's definitely on our list. Notorious Nick is in theatres now.

He almost quit after his first session in high-school wrestling. We all went to public school, we know how mean kids can be. It takes some serious grit to go get your ass kicked, with a handicap, brush it off and keep going. To then go on with over 300 wrestling wins, enter a career in combat sports and hold a record most professional fighters wish they could obtain. Nick Newell has no excuses for us!

Newell has a incredibly succesful MMA career, a wife, 2 children, and now a movie about him. Talk about a legacy. We're going to be watching that movie soon, we hope you do the same. If you ever feel down and out, look up at Nick Newell for some inspiration. No excuses!


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