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No Canelo Alvarez Fight for Benavidez in 2024?

In an exclusive interview, promoter Sampson Lewkowicz confirmed that his fighter, David Benavidez, will not be facing Canelo Alvarez in 2024. Lewkowicz stated that there is almost no chance of the super-middleweight star securing a fight with boxing's biggest draw, Canelo, in either May or September this year. As a result, Lewkowicz believes that Canelo's legacy will be tarnished.

Canelo Alvarez

Lewkowicz expressed his disappointment, arguing that Canelo's legacy would have been enhanced by fighting Benavidez, who he considers the best opponent available. He highlighted the importance of facing top challengers to earn respect from the boxing community, citing examples of Mexican boxing legends who faced tough opponents to achieve glory.

Regarding potential opponents for Canelo, Lewkowicz mentioned that an attractive fight with Mexican boxer Jaime Munguia is unlikely, despite previous efforts to make the match.

Lewkowicz emphasized that there should be no excuse for Canelo not to take the fight with Munguia, especially since PBC allows promoters to work with other televised networks for the benefit of the boxers and fans. Lewkowicz cited examples of cross-promotional agreements he has made in the past to facilitate fights between boxers from different promotions.


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