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Olivier Aubin-Mercier: Thinking About Leaving After the 2023 PFL Championships

In the world of mixed martial arts, every fighter's journey is marked by a series of critical decisions. For Olivier Aubin-Mercier, one such decision may lead to the closing chapter of his fighting career. The 2023 PFL Championships, set for November 24, could be the stage where "The Canadian Gangster" takes his final bow.

Aubin-Mercier, with a record of 20-5, is no stranger to the spotlight. He's tasted success in the PFL, clinching the lightweight season win and a cool $1 million in prize money last year. This time, he's aiming to make it a two-peat as he faces the formidable Clay Collard (24-10-1) at The Anthem in Washington, D.C.

However, beneath the surface of this thrilling bout lies a deeper narrative. Aubin-Mercier's journey through the hectic PFL format this year has taken a toll. In a recent interview, he confessed to feeling exhausted, hinting that retirement might be on the horizon. He said,

"Fighting in general, I think I'm tired of it. I love PFL, I love the format of PFL, but to fight eight times in two years is a lot, and it's really demanding."

Aubin-Mercier acknowledges his current peak form but feels the need for a well-deserved break. He even contemplates a year off to recharge and regain his motivation. As he reflects on his future, he expressed a desire to fight in Montreal, and that might be the only reason he considers one more bout. Although the decision is not final, the odds seem to sway toward retirement. Aubin-Mercier shared,

"I think there's more of a chance that I'm done after this fight than I'm not done."

As the MMA world awaits the outcome of the 2023 PFL Championships, Olivier Aubin-Mercier's journey might take an unexpected turn. Whether it's a farewell or a new chapter, one thing is certain: his legacy in the cage will always be remembered. It's a tale of determination, passion, and the courage to make life-altering decisions in the pursuit of greatness.


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