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ONE Heavyweight Champion challenges Francis Ngannou

Former UFC champion Francis Ngannou and ONE Heavyweight Champion Arjan Bhullar could collide.

Ngannou is still a free agent after leaving the UFC earlier this year. Ngannou is yet to sign with another MMA company three months after his tenure with the UFC ended.

Ngannou plans to compete in boxing next but has been in negotiations with the PFL and ONE about maybe returning to MMA.

Most likely, Ngannou might get the contractual freedom he wants from both the PFL and ONE. However, the competition level at heavyweight is undoubtedly higher in ONE than in the PFL.

If Ngannou decides to sign with ONE, Bhullar would gladly accept a future title defense against him.

Bhullar made his pitch to Ngannou to join ONE during a recent interview with MMA Fighting.

“He’s conquered the West, let’s bring him out to the East. I have no problem with this," Bhullar said of facing Ngannou. "People are scared of him as well, but if you’re a fighter and you’re a champion, it doesn’t matter who it is, you step up. I might win, I might lose, but I will always step on that line, I will always sign the contract. I’m a man at the end of the day.
"They’re nuclear bombs, I get that, but if you have a nuclear bomb and you can’t land it, what are you gonna do?" Bhullar continued. "Same thing with Anatoly. If your delivery system isn’t there to land a bomb, you can sit at home with your bomb. It means nothing. I don’t get hit. I’ve got that grappling,”

Later this year, Bhullar will defend his ONE heavyweight title against Anatoly Malykhin. They were set to fight last month, but a series of issues forced the bout to be postponed.


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