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Orlando Castillo leading by example.

( A president with a different approach).

Orlando Castillo is the current Mexicali boxing comission president. He was elected president right before the covid pandémic started in 2020. He has tried his best to do a good job as president and making sure his officials are well prepared and certified, but we here at FIGHT.TV see comissións come and go, but we saw something different in Orlando. He has done many things rarely seen before, one is seeing his position as president as a position to help. In pandémic he gave groceries to boxers and their families that needed it. Second he does a golf tournament to raise money to equip local gyms with boxing equipment. He is now planning to do another golf tournament to do the same. We all know that most fighters fight because the lack of money and most dont have money to buy their own gear. So by President

Orlando doing golf events to donate brand new Cleto Reyes equipment is just awesome. He is trying to help the boxing gyms in his jurisdicción and to be honest I havent seen it done before by any boxing commision president. Us at Fight.TV applaud his efforts and actions for being a giving person and we also believe more people should know about his charity work on helping the local Mexicali boxing community. So remember the name "Orlando Castillo " President of the Mexicali Boxing comission, a man leading with his example by helping his boxing community.


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