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Oscar De La Hoya criticizes those calling for Deontay Wilder's retirement

Oscar De La Hoya speaks up in favour of Wilder
Oscar De La Hoya

In the ever-competitive world of boxing, legends often face harsh scrutiny from critics and fans alike. Recently, Deontay Wilder, one of the sport’s most formidable heavyweights, has been the subject of retirement talks after a series of tough bouts. However, Oscar De La Hoya, a boxing legend in his own right, has stepped up to defend Wilder, urging the boxing community to show the respect Wilder deserves.

Deontay Wilder, known for his explosive power and 42 knockout victories, has had a remarkable career many fighters can only dream of. Despite this, some critics have suggested that it's time for the "Bronze Bomber" to hang up his gloves. De La Hoya, in a recent interview, passionately defended Wilder, stating,

"Give the man his respect. He has done so much for the sport and still has a lot to offer."

De La Hoya's defense of Wilder comes from a place of experience and understanding. As a former world champion across multiple weight classes, De La Hoya knows what it takes to compete at the highest levels of boxing. He recognizes Wilder’s contributions to the sport and believes the heavyweight still has the drive and potential to achieve more.

Wilder’s career, marked by his fierce punching power and resilience, has seen him become a heavyweight champion and an inspirational figure. His memorable bouts, especially against Tyson Fury, have captivated audiences worldwide, proving that he is still a major draw in boxing. De La Hoya’s comments highlight that even after setbacks, a fighter’s legacy and potential should not be dismissed lightly.

Furthermore, the narrative of calling for Wilder's retirement overlooks his recent performances and the fact that he remains a formidable opponent. Fighters often face ups and downs, but the call to end a career should come from the athlete, not the critics. Wilder has shown time and again that he possesses the heart of a champion, a trait that cannot be easily discarded.

As fans and analysts, it’s essential to support fighters through their highs and lows, acknowledging their contributions and the excitement they bring to the sport. Wilder’s journey is far from over, and with the backing of influential figures like De La Hoya, he can continue to inspire and entertain.


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