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Oscar De La Hoya Plans to Revitalize Las Vegas as a Boxing Hub

Oscar De La Hoya, the Hall of Fame former six-division champion and current chairman of Golden Boy Promotions, has set his sights on Las Vegas, where he once reigned as the sport's biggest draw. De La Hoya intends to invest heavily in local boxing events, aiming to make Las Vegas a central hub for Golden Boy-branded shows.

The recent Vergil Ortiz-Fredrick Lawson DAZN headliner at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas marked the beginning of this ambitious plan.

"Holly and I built this place to bring back boxing," he said. "We want to bring all the big shows that Golden Boy does to Vegas."

De La Hoya revealed plans to construct a 2,500-3,000 seat venue called Apex, which will serve as the host for Golden Boy's more intimate shows. Although still under construction, Apex is expected to become Golden Boy's official headquarters in the coming months.

Las Vegas holds a special place in De La Hoya's career, with more than half of his 45 professional fights and 22 world title fights taking place in the city.

His Pay-Per-View headliners in Las Vegas have consistently drawn massive audiences, contributing to his legacy as one of boxing's most iconic figures.

While Golden Boy has primarily operated from its California base or in Texas, its collaboration with Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) for the Gervonta Davis-Ryan Garcia Showtime PPV event at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas marked a significant milestone. The event became the highest-grossing boxing event of 2023, generating over $120 million in live gate and PPV revenue.

In 2024, Golden Boy plans to expand its reach beyond California, with shows scheduled in Las Vegas and Phoenix. De La Hoya emphasized the importance of Las Vegas in his plans to grow boxing, stating,

"When I started looking into Vegas, I said let's do something serious, something that’s going to be impactful."

De La Hoya's vision extends beyond merely bringing boxing back to Las Vegas; he aims to elevate the city's status as a premier destination for top-tier fights. With a rich history in the city and ambitious plans for the future, De La Hoya and Golden Boy are poised to make a significant impact on the boxing scene in Las Vegas and beyond.


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