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Pacman VS Ugas On August 21st

Manny Pacquiao was sapposed to be fighting Errol Spence JR, but due to a pre fight injury had to be cancelled and now Pacman will be fighting Yordenis Ugas at the T Mobile arena in Las Vegas on August 21st. This will be a championship title bout although Manny has been quoted as saying he doesn't care who the champion is, if he wins or not, that Hhe's just excited to have this fight.

Bernard Hopkins donned his tinfoil hat and suggested Errol Spence could be faking an eye injury to evade Pacman. Hopkins had this to say - "The only thing I can do is listen to what you said to me and listen to what I heard. That’s conversation and I don’t know if it’s true, if it’s not true. I like Spence, I respect Spence. I know he is always ready for any challenge. I just think … I just have some suspicions about this whole thing. I just think the way it manifested and came out suddenly and so fast … I’ll just say stay tuned."

"If you hear something other than what everyone was given and what was told. I think there is more to the story than what it is. But if it is true, I wish him a speedy recovery. But I just have to say that first because I want to be the first one that people say, ‘what did I know that everybody else didn’t first know’ or ‘what did I know that a few people did know but nobody was bold enough or brave enough to say it."

"Again, if it’s the case then I think we all should see it. It can be an eye issue. It can be business. It could be lack of. The whole thing … it’s been told and most people probably will believe it. Most people won’t dare to question it or ask for more details. I’m the type of person, I’ll show the X-ray to the world. If I’m ready to fight, I’ll say ‘look, it’s a hairline fracture or it’s a straight cut-through broken bone."

What do you think? Are you excited for Pacman to face off with Ugas? Do you think Bernard Hopkins is right about we aren't getting the full story? Let us know your thoughts and how you expect the title fight to go!


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