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Pacquiao Blames Loss On Leg Cramps

Manny lost by unanimous decision to his title offense bout against Yordenis Ugas last week. I love Pacman, I'm a huge fan and always have been. I just don't agree here and will explain why.

Manny - "In my entire career, Ugas was one of the easiest opponents. He only had one style, and I should have been able to easily move away. You’ve seen how I’ve moved in my fights before. I couldn’t move in this fight. My legs just stopped."

Fight fans, commentators, other boxers have come out and said that Manny didn't display the speed and power we're used to seeing him at. He may have won some of the earlier rounds but he still looked sluggish.

Maybe Pacman did have leg cramps and certain factors that effected his performance. Kurt Angle won Olympic gold wrestling with a broken neck. Nick Newell dominates his opponents and he's fighting with ONE hand. Rich Franklin had a broken arm when he knocked out Chuck Liddell.

I am surprised to see Pacman giving excuses, I'm sure he's not lying and really had leg cramps but. Fight sports are the one place that we don't make room for excuses. Manny is an icon and should set the pace for future fighters. Why can't he just admit Ugas got the best of him? If he didn't think he could win through pre fight issues, why did he continue and not back out like Spence did?

We all still love Manny but dude, own your loss. Give credit to Ugas. You're getting older and that's okay. It's not time for you to be a world champ anymore, it's about time you help coach the next one. Nothing but love!


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