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Pacquiao Shuts Down Conspiracy Theory On Spence

"Short minded" is what Manny Pacquiao had to say about conspiracy theorists wagering that Errol Spence had faked his eye injury to avoid facing Pacman in their upcoming bout. Spence was in a car crash two years ago, Freddie Roach has suggested that Spence isn't the same fighter as he was before. Which has fueled many of the conspiracies around the fight cancellation.

Mostly Manny is shutting down his own fans going after Spence. Pacman had this to say - “It's hard. If they were in the situation of Spence, they would understand and realize and understand about the situation. Of course Errol Spence would not do that. To train hard and don’t want to fight. A fighter is a fighter. Nobody is going to cancel a fight they've been training months for. I feel a little disappointed because I've been working hard and focusing on this training camp. I did a lot of discipline, doing my best, but it's a good thing they told me the fights not cancelled, just a substation. There's Ugas."

Ugas took Pacman's belt from his inactivity. So we can all rest assured that Pacman still really wants this fight. What do you think fight fans? Is Manny right, do we cut Spence some slack? Will he perform as well or better against Ugas?


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