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Paddy Pimblett Bashes Internet Troll after Inviting him for Sparring session

The lightweight sensation Paddy ‘The Baddy’ is back in the headlines as he became the latest UFC fighter to invite a trash talker to spar with him and give the gibberish a taste of his own medicine.

Pimblett is no stranger to the world of MMA as the Liverpool native has made massive progress in his short stint in the world’s premier MMA organization, UFC. And like most of the famed combatants, the Baddy has also been receiving mixed reactions from the onlookers both inside and outside the octagon.

Recently, a troll was giving hard time to Pimblett in the comment section of one of his Instagram posts. The 27-year-old didn’t take it lightly and invited him over to his gym in Liverpool to experience what’s it like to be confronted by a top Mixed Martial Artist.

€500 was there to be taken if the follower managed to engage Pimblett for unlimited rounds.

Surprisingly, the detractor did appear in the gym at the agreed time and got straight into Paddy’s face. But to his dismay, Pimblett was no joking as he let him feel his power and strength during the short sparring drill.

With a considerable crowd cheering from the outside cage, Pimblett wasn't letting him go without a lesson that he will dare not forget all his life.

But once the session ended, it was all good between the two as the pair exchanged pleasantries afterwards. As a token of appreciation for showing up, Paddy also gave him money to get a nice meal in Liverpool.


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