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Paddy The Baddy Pimblett Makes UFC Debut

Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett is making his UFC Debut September 4th for Fight Night 191 at the Apex Center in Las Vegas. The young man is only 26 and has an impressive fight record of 16-3-0 with 5 of his wins coming from knockout and 7 coming from submission. He's out of Next Generation UK in Liverpool England, a prestigious camp.

Paddy has a cult like following in the UK where fight fans have been questioning for years when he was going to enter the UFC. Well UK fight fans, in about 2 weeks you'll get to finally see this happen. Not just UK fight fans but all of you around the world, are going to get introduced to The Baddy.

Pimblett is an all star fighter but will be contested against The Italian Stallion - Luigi Vendramini. Luigi is 9-2-0 and has competed in the UFC since 2018. Luigi is coming off a loss in his last fight and will definitely be trying to compensate for his prior bout here.

So fight fans, what say you? Who will be the victor here? Will it be the UK's Baddy or will it be the Brazilian Italian Stallion? We're here for it and ready to watch the action unfold. Share and tell us who you think will win!


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