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Parrot Head Yachts' Fight Night Cruises with Fight.TV

Yacht in Destin
Parrot Head Yachts in Destin, FL

In a world where entertainment options are as diverse as the open sea, Parrot Head Yachts has set sail into uncharted waters. Redefining the way fight enthusiasts experience the thrill of combat sport events. Imagine combining the luxury of a yacht cruise with the excitement of watching live MMA fights, all in the company of professional fighters. Parrot Head Yachts' "Fight Night Cruises" in collaboration with Fight.TV is turning this dream into a reality.

Setting Sail with Luxury:

Parrot Head Yachts is renowned for curating exceptional experiences on the water, offering luxury yacht charters that redefine opulence. With the introduction of their "Fight Night Cruises," they've taken this commitment to a whole new level. Bringing fight fans an unforgettable blend of high seas luxury and heart pounding MMA action.

The Ultimate Viewing Experience:

Picture this – a state of the art yacht gliding through the water, equipped with top notch audiovisual facilities and giant screens broadcasting the latest combat sports fights in real time. Fight.TV is a leading streaming platform for combat sports, they've partnered with Parrot Head Yachts to ensure that every jab, kick, and knockout is captured in stunning detail. This is the ultimate viewing experience for avid fight fans who refuse to compromise on luxury.

Rubicund Sunsets and Raging Fights:

As the sun sets on the horizon, the yacht becomes a floating arena of anticipation. Guests are not merely spectators; they are participants in an immersive experience where the synergy of the sea and the sport creates an electrifying atmosphere. The gentle rocking of the yacht only adds to the drama, amplifying the impact of every punch thrown in the octagon.

Rubs Elbows with the Pros:

What sets Parrot Head Yachts' Fight Night Cruises apart is the exclusive opportunity to rub elbows with professional UFC fighters. Imagine sharing the excitement of a pivotal round with someone who has been in the very same position. These intimate gatherings provide fans with unprecedented access to the stars of the sport, fostering an environment of camaraderie and shared passion.

Meet and Greet Sessions:

During the cruise, guests have the chance to engage in meet and greet sessions with the professional fighters on board. Pose for a photo, ask burning questions, or simply soak in the knowledge and experience that these athletes bring to the table. It's a rare opportunity to connect with the fighters on a personal level, creating memories that last far beyond the final bell. The first rounds of Parrot Head Yachts fight night cruises will feature the likes of UFC legend - Joe Riggs.

Culinary Delights and Premium Beverages:

No luxury yacht experience is complete without exceptional cuisine and top shelf beverages. Parrot Head Yachts' Fight Night Cruises boast a curated menu of gourmet delights, ensuring that guests can savor culinary masterpieces while enjoying the adrenaline fueled bouts. Whether it's a handcrafted cocktail or a sumptuous three course meal, the yacht's onboard chefs aim to elevate the entire experience.


Parrot Head Yachts has redefined the fight night experience, turning it into an unforgettable journey on the high seas. The combination of luxury, live MMA action, and the company of professional fighters creates a unique and unparalleled adventure for fans. As the sun sets and the UFC octagon comes to life on the screens, Parrot Head Yachts' Fight Night Cruises provide an exclusive ticket to the most thrilling entertainment on water. It's not just a cruise, it's a knockout experience!


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