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Pat Sabatini's Grappling Mastery: The Terrifying Suloev Stretch

Pat Sabatini, the grappling maestro, has once again left spectators awestruck with his incredible submission game. At Cage Fury FC’s Fury Pro Grappling 8 event in Philadelphia, Sabatini showcased his prowess, executing a spine-chilling Suloev stretch that left UFC welterweight Niko Price tapping out in agony.

Despite his recent UFC bout ending in defeat, Sabatini's mastery on the mat has cemented his reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Within just over three minutes of the match, Sabatini flawlessly maneuvered, seizing Price's back and swiftly transitioning to ensnare his leg in a devastating Suloev stretch.

The recorded footage of the submission is a display of sheer technical brilliance, capturing the moment when Sabatini's precision was on full display. The excruciating hold had Sabatini contorting Price's leg to such an extent that even the most seasoned viewers winced in sympathetic pain.

This isn't the first time Sabatini has showcased his dominance at Fury FC's year-end grappling extravaganza. Last year, on the same date at Fury Grappling Pro 6, he secured a submission victory over UFC fighter Alex Caceres, proving his consistency and expertise in the domain of submission artistry.

While his MMA journey in 2023 had its ups and downs, including a notable submission win against Lucas Almeida and a subsequent knockout loss to Diego Lopes at UFC 295, Sabatini's recent grappling triumph has undoubtedly set a formidable tone for his 2024 campaign.


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