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Paul Felder's Potential UFC Comeback: A 'Just in Case' Scenario

In the world of mixed martial arts, the line between retirement and a comeback is often a thin one. Paul Felder, the seasoned lightweight fighter and current UFC color commentator, has taken a significant step towards a possible return from retirement by officially re-entering the UFC's anti-doping program. While no fight is booked yet, this move signals a 'just in case' scenario for the charismatic fighter.

Online records recently confirmed that Felder submitted his first drug test in October, marking the initiation of a process required for all UFC athletes planning to compete. According to the program's regulations, Felder must undergo six months of rigorous drug testing before he can step into the octagon once again. This timeline puts a potential return sometime in April 2024.

Felder had earlier made it known that he was considering rejoining the anti-doping program without a concrete decision to compete. In his own words, "I did it just in case [I do end up fighting again]. I'm getting old, and there might be some old dudes out there that might want to dust it up in six months. Other than that, I have no idea. I'm enjoying training."

The charismatic fighter originally retired in 2021 after facing back-to-back split decision losses against tough opponents, Dan Hooker and Rafael dos Anjos. Despite earning Fight of the Night bonuses in both battles, Felder chose to hang up his gloves and shift his focus towards his responsibilities as a UFC commentator and a budding acting career in series like HBO's 'Hacks.'

With Felder's re-entry into the UFC's anti-doping program, the combat sports world is buzzing with anticipation. While he might be enjoying his diverse career endeavors, the possibility of seeing 'The Irish Dragon' back in action has ignited excitement among fans, making April 2024 a date worth marking in the calendar for MMA enthusiasts.


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