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Paulo Costa Accuses Sean Strickland of Dodging Fight, Strickland Fires Back

UFC middleweight fighter Paulo Costa recently claimed that Sean Strickland declined a fight against him, a statement that Strickland has refuted.

Paulo Costa

The middleweight division is currently buzzing with excitement, with numerous top stars vying for the belt and several rising talents poised to make their mark. Among these fighters are Costa and Strickland, both well-known names in the UFC.

Strickland, known for his controversial nature, is currently the subject of speculation regarding his next opponent.

“I love the idea of fighting Cannonier, and [the UFC] suggested I fight in June,” Costa said. “But then, the UFC came back and said, ‘Paulo, you fight Sean Strickland on June 1. It’s a great fight. It’s a fun fight, even more fun that Cannonier, I think.
“Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened – Strickland said no. Strickland refused to fight me. That’s what the UFC told me. I just have this information from the UFC. I think the fight would be great. I would love to fight him.

Unfortunately, Costa revealed that Strickland ultimately declined the fight, as per information relayed to him by the UFC. In response to these claims, Strickland offered a succinct rebuttal, stating,

"I never say no... I say how much."

While it appears that the Costa-Strickland matchup may not materialize in the near future, fans can anticipate an intense showdown if it does come to fruition, with both fighters known for their fiery personalities and willingness to engage in trash talk.


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