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Paulo Costa engages in eating war with the Liver King along with Patricio Friere

At the weigh-ins for tomorrow's Bellator 286, Liver King competed in an eating contest with Paulo Costa and Patricio Freire.

The fitness influencer rose to prominence online due to his incredible physique. He went viral for promoting a natural lifestyle based on the nine tenets, and videos of him eating raw meat went viral. King has recently become more involved in the MMA community, garnering attention for his back and forth online with former UFC middleweight title challenger Costa earlier this month.

While some agree with King's philosophy, others believe he's putting on a show to gain popularity. He was recently in Las Vegas for an episode of Dana White's Contender Series at the UFC Apex. Costa shot at him and challenged him to something he didn't say.

During the Bellator 286 weigh-ins on Friday, Costa and King had the opportunity to settle their differences by competing in an eating contest. As expected, King brought out a massive amount of liver for them both to feast on and see who could eat the most. Card star Freire was also present, but he couldn't compete with the aptly named Liver King.

In the competition, Paulo Costa was seen drinking his signature secret juice' to push down the raw meat. His plate appears to be full with fewer pieces of liver consumed, whereas King is wolfing down the small cuts of meat quickly and easily.

After avenging his April loss to AJ McKee, Freire will compete for the Bellator featherweight title against rising Hungarian prospect Adam Borics in the main event of Saturday's Bellator 286.


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