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PFL CHALLENGER SERIES 2: Jarrah Al-Silawi vs. Michael Lilly

Welterweight will shine in the PFL Challenger Series on February 25. Welterweight Jarra al Silavi (16-3) and Michael Lilly (7-6) face off in the main event on February 25. Al Silavi Brave has been prominent in CF promotions, while Lilly has been in the US. I competed for the Titan FC promotion.

"Welterweight has always been one of the most exciting divisions in the league," said Ray Sefo, president of PFL's Fighter Operations. "I can't wait to see what these incredibly talented and hungry fighters bring to SmartCage. Whoever wins a contract with this deep group will get it."

Challenger series fighters will compete for two types of PFL contracts, either participating in the league's upcoming 2022 season or securing development deals. Only eight fighters (one every week) will get a deal, with a rotating panel of celebrities to help decide who makes the league. Boxing legend Mike Tyson and NFL stars Todd Gorley and Ray Lewis have already been announced as guests.

See the results in the PFL Challenger Series 2 weights below:

  • Jarrah Al-Silawi (175.6) vs. Michael Lilly (176.2)

  • Dilano Taylor (171) vs. Mark Martin (170.2)

  • Carlos Leal Miranda (170.6) vs. Korey Kuppe (170)

  • Chris Mixan (171) vs. Nathan Pierce (173.6)


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