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PFL champ wants to see Jake Paul face Nate Diaz in MMA

Jake Paul, the former Disney star and YouTuber, has become one of the most extraordinary figures to rise to prominence in combat sports in recent years.

Paul has established himself as a renowned character in both boxing and mixed martial arts due to his successes in the ring and his criticism of Dana White and the UFC's treatment of athletes.

While he has only competed in Boxing, earning a 6-1 professional record while defeating Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva, that is expected to change this year.

Before to his February loss to British pro pugilist Tommy Fury, Paul announced a multi-year contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

Paul said that, in addition to co-owning the MMA promotion's new Super Fight division, he will also make his MMA debut as part of the creation.

The question of who "The Trouble Child" will face in the new sport rapidly arose, and one of the PFL's biggest personalities has now chimed in.

Brendan Loughnane, the 2022 PFL Featherweight Champion, recently spoke with ESPN MMA's Marc Raimondi about Paul's role in the organization, which has drawn attention for its unique season and playoff format.

"I like Jake. Me and Jake have been conversating since he took PFL stakes. He must have realized who I was then," Loughnane said. "He added me on Instagram, we've been talking back and forth. Jake's a cool guy. I'm glad he's bringing more eyes to the PFL... Keep them all coming. Nate (Diaz), and if they sign Francis (Ngannou), that's a power move."

When asked who Paul should meet with in his first professional MMA fight, Loughnane had just one name in mind.

"Nate Diaz," Loughnane asserted. "Here's what I want. I want (them) to fight in boxing, and then I want them to rematch in PFL... Exciting times. Let's put it that way."


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